About „Echo Girl“


Short Resume

photo by: Matthias Hornhttp://hornphotography.de

Having worked as a casting director for almost 15 years in Berlin and L.A. has surely trained her eye. That`s why photography just comes naturally for Antje Schubert aka Echo Girl.  Shooting with an Olympus OM-D, not a heavy Nikon, allows her to react quickly and catch the perfect scene, as she is either riding with her Vespa scooter through the streets of Los Angeles or extensively traveling the world. There is no photoshop involved or any process of retouching the pictures. Sometimes the colors are emphasized, some scenes dramatized through the use of a filter that the digital camera provides. What began with documenting the short-lived street-art-scene in L.A. has in the meantime grown into a grand portfolio of diverse Americana and a travelbook of places visited -- picturesque and colorful, carefully composed, timeless in their look and feel. 

But Antjes approach goes far beyond creating a great picture. It is also about the frame. They are all handmade by her in the garden. She uses either driftwood from the Oregon coast or broken old furniture from the curbsides of the L.A. streets to give the material a new meaning and "a second life", as Echo Girl herself calls it. Every piece of artwork she sells, just for that matter, is an original - since no wooden frame looks the same. 

After a first exhibition in the renowned photo gallery  "Hiltawsky" on Tucholsky Street in Berlin-Mitte 2013 she has presented her artwork on several art fails and markets in Los Angeles, among the famous Art Walk in Downtown L.A. in September 2013. Next was an exhibition in the gallery "Sur le Montagne" in Berlin, in December 2013.

Now, back in Berlin she is presenting her lates photography in a unique location during Berlin Art Week, in an old carped factory on the Spree river.  popup-berlin.de/event/exhibition-echo-girl-art-cross-country-usa/

The lights and sights on the Eastside have drawn Antje Schubert to her career in arts. For four years now she has been living in Los Angeles, considering Echo Park her "hood", drawn in by the multi-nationality of her neighbors and so even adopting "Echo Girl"  as her proud artists name for her blog and photography.